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williams will be here a darling glaze lip it has zipper cuffsecial of we have the fabulous leggings that she is known for. we have a lot of exciting things happening with hsn today i will see you with marilyn miglin at the top of the hour this >>host: tri- is amazing. it is 3 flashlights built-in to widen. and has great features is only $29.95.super bright fet. we have the choice of colors we have black red blue. --a bright led icon >>guest: all this epa tri-lite is similar to a tripod and also because you have 3 flashlights.y are together they are very bright. you can take each individual light and directed with you would want it today. is cool about this can take a flashlight and separate them into three individual flashlights. wait, but there is more i can take it over here and it is magnetic i can stick it to any surface indirect light. i can -- direct the light. i have all three of the blue here. you can stick all three together on a surface the color red. it is a great way to go with a flashlight. men love flashlightsin one that can stand up on its is an extra hand when you
was born abigail smith. her brother died -- >> beyond will william smith? do we know much about uncle william? >> he died of alcoholism in those days. there was no treatment. you died a very early. some accident because you were out of control or you died of sclerosis to the liver but you died of alcoholism coming and her brother died of alcoholism. two of her three sons, john quincy adams' brothers died of alcoholism and two of john quincy adams' died. firstborn, george adams died in his late 20s. the second born, the youngest, charles also died. one of the three songs survived, as did several of the grandson's but this was a genetic trait in the smith family. just as in the quincy family history of genius which went back to 1066 and the crossing -- the battle of hastings crossing the channel by way of the concord. a little village town in normandy which still exists and the english obviously corrupted. they were with william hastings a baron to quincy and was running in 2015. so this line of leadership and ingeniously and currency's as well as alcoholism in the smith family. >> i ha
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. >> guest: thank you area match. >> now, william souder recounts the life of dick darman. she offered an indictment of insecticides including ddt in her book, "silent spring" published in 1962. following the publication, ddt was banned and the environmental protection agency created. this year marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of "silent spring." this is a little over an hour. [applause] >> thank you. thank you overcoming tonight to this wonderful facility. i love coming here. i always remind these guys are so fortunate to work at the national conservation training center. it's a really terrific facility. nice to be back here. nice to see all of you. i guess and the warm-up act for the presidential debate later tonight. i promise no spin and i promise to finish in time so that those of you who can't get enough of politics will be able to go see it, although i don't know who that would be at this point. i'm sure we all want to see the debate, so we will finish on time for that. i'm here to talk about rachel carson and bismarck indicated last month on the 27th of september
and the clerks? >> approximately five years ago, i came up to washington, dc to interview a guy named william coleman, jr. mr. coleman, who is now, i think, 93, and works 12-hour days in d.c., was of interest to me as a subject because he was the first black law clerk on the supreme court. i came up, got a good rate to stay at the a mayflower hotel near washington, dc. and i went over to interview bill, and we we are making chit-chat, and bill asked me where i stayed the night before. and i told him the mayflower and how nice it was and harry truman's favorite hotel, and bill said, you know, in 1948, when i clerked for sf, they wouldn't serve me at the mayflower. and he started telling me a story about lunchtime, when he and his co-clerk, elliott richardson, who would go on to hold more cab it in positions than anyone in american history -- were planning a lunch outing and decided to go to the mayflower. a couple minutes before they were going to leave, el yet came back to chambers and rushed into sf's chambers and there was a hushed conversation, and franklin came out close to tears and at t
nomination which the clerk will report. the clerk: nomination, the judiciary, paul william grimm of maryland to be united states district judge for the district of maryland. mr. cardin: mr. president? the presiding officer: under the previous order, there will be 30 minutes for debate equally divided and controlled in the usual form. mr. cardin: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from maryland. mr. cardin: mr. president, i am pleased to join with senator mikulski in recommending to the senate the confirmation of judge paul william grimm of maryland to be a u.s. district judge for the district of maryland. i'm very proud of the process that senator mikulski has instituted for us making recommendations to the president to fill judicial appointments. i believe that under this process, we have reached to get the very best to recommend to the president and then to our colleagues for confirmation, and judge grimm clearly falls within this line. the senate judiciary committee favorably reported judge grimm's nomination by voice vote on june 7 of this year. judge grimm was nominated t
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religious liberty including the ideas of roger williams and john locke and look at how those ideas about equal respect for conscience and the burdens that imposes on government and public policy led to a constitutional tradition according to which government may not substantially burden and an individual's free exercise of religion without an extremely weighty public interest. i defend those ideas as a good basis for public policy in other nations as well. the second prong of my approach of which i will focus tonight is the need for principled consistency and self examination in our approach to the religions of other people. i note that many policies in this area wac socratic self examination. the basic virtue of trying to have a coherent and consistent policy across similar cases and as we will see soon, many are in a deeper way that was at the heart of ethics mainly people act in ways that give their own group special privilege and refuse to apply the same law to all people so we will go on and see that. the third prong of the approach i argue that even when we have good principles and
't know who said that. it might have been william f. buckley. it's the truth that a certain point life mugs you in different ways. when you have kids, you are mugged by your kid. you're mugged by taxes, and that turns you in to a liberal. and conservative and a liberal, i was saying this earlier to somebody like a lib call -- liberal can hold on to the idea until it's the property. then it's like they're not sharing at all. that's kind of the, i think that's the evolution. i do worry that, you know, we're becoming part of a society where we believe our government should be this all caring being. i believe the government should help people in need. i think we're establish that the government should be everybody. that scares me a little bit. we have to take it back and teach people self-reliance and achievement matters. it's the only thing that makes them feel good. [applause] >>> time for one last question right back here. >> hello, greg. >> hi. >> i have a question you already started working on or have any idea for the next book. >> who told you to ask the question. [laughter] i told
william hag in about ten minutes. and after that, we'll reair the hearing on amtrak's operations. several live events to telling you about tomorrow. from london they release the report on british media practices that including phone-hacking of people in the news. .. is $50,000. almost four to with the rest costs. and the vast majority of producers who use public schools. we could take the money we spend today, every public school system and save billions of dollars per year at the same or better outcomes. >> deputy secretary of state, bill burns' special envoy met with houston and president ,-com,-com ma mahmoud abbas in new york city to discuss thursday's vote in the united nations to elevate palestine to be a non-observers say. from today's state department briefing, this 10 minute. >> let's start with your incredibly successful efforts to lobby others not to vote in favor of the palestinians resolution at the u.n. not only that, but your attempt to secret diplomacy by sending -- stealthily sending deputy secretary abbas. what exactly do you want to get from abbas entity get it because
- williams from brett chuckerman in our hsn spotlight. [♪ music ♪] >>host: thank you welcome to the spotlight your go- to-guide for all things hsn. we want to make sure know serena williams returns to tomorrow with her signature statement election. she will feature brand new items including tops leggings even a great new handbag. --statement selection can check out her entire of www.hsn.com keyword: serenea. [commercial] [commercial] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: nice to have you shopping with us we just had a presentation on the kindle-fire that remains3 you can shop for it. you can go to www.hsn.com or call the toll- 800 number. i this is the perfect companion to go along with the kindle-fire. no matter how popular tablets are there is a certain place in our lives for a computer. computers essentially always will be and continue to be the hub of our homes. tablets are amazing and i love them. but there are some things they just cannot do that simply a computer will do. i get the opportunity to feature for you the best price and the lowest price on the windows 8 laptop
and later for the late mayor william donald chafer. during her years handling projects for the mayor, bailey developed a deep love for baltimore city and a true understanding how baltimore works. bailey became a creative genius at promoting and highlighting the many achievements of the city under mayor schaefer. before mayor schaefer left city hall, he nominated bailey to serve as president of the baltimore city school board. in that role she helped parents and a navigate the school bureaucracy, suggested workable solutions for teachers and brought a commonsense approach to the baltimore city school system. but bailey's knowledge and expertise goes beyond knowing how government works. she has had her pulse on baltimore and on maryland. she knows the key players this the city and state, many on a personal level. for many years bailey has been the go-to person when people need to get things done. without a doubt she has been an invaluable resource to my entire staff, to me and the people of maryland. but she is also a tireless advocate and a voice for families and individuals who may not have
. >> the foreign secretary mr. william hayes. >> mr. speaker think it's common ground and there are differences between us but the shadow foreign secretary has expressed what is a common ground about time running out. i think the analysis on all of the policies on all sides of the house does start from that point although we draw some different tactical conclusions from it. and of course my statement is based on our attitude is based on one of the sentiments that he expressed, that the rights of the palestinian state is something that we support. i supported it very strongly in my statement. i have not however change my mind about anything. i think he was looking a bit too hard for changes between what i said last week and this week because as far as i'm aware i said the same things about the risks to the peace process about the risks in the u.s. congress and the risks in israel. and he asked what the -- is there process and of course one of the main things i have been saying is the need to revive and restart the process. there have been many attempts over the last year to restart that process
this. because if you look back to the last year when we had a balanced budget under president william jefferson clinton, if you look back to that year you will find that at that point in time our revenues reflected 19.6% of our gdp, and our spending reflected 19 points 6% of gdp. where are we today? you get different essence. warren buffett yesterday in "the new york times" said 15.5% of our gdp is coming in of revenue. i've heard lower figures, and the spending side of it is summer in the range of 22-24%. well, that to me is the reality of what has happened. we have seen a decline in tax revenue and an increase in spending for a variety of reasons we could go through. if we're serious about deficit reduction in the years to come we've got to move back towards the golden mean 19 points six. the closer we can get our revenue to 18% of level, as we weigh down spending, the more likely we are to have a stable economy in the years ahead. let's talk about what's happened since that time when we did have our budget in balance. danya in a way updates are figures from time to time. but let's
. the first quote is from a guy namedded william who wrote a book called "the art of political manipulation," a professor of politics i believe, and in the book, he said it is true people win politically because they induced other people to join them; right? that's how we think about politics. you convince and persuade other people to join you, you have a vote, and you win. he says winners reduced by more than attraction and persuasion, but win because they set up the situation in such a way that other people will want to join them or will feel forced by circumstances to join them even without any persuasion at all. this is what political strategy is about. it is about structuring the world so you can win. >> that's the first, the second is from harry reid, and he said in december of 2010 that they, being the republicans, have had a lot of opportunities to offer amendments. the problem is not the offering of amendments, but we'll allow them to offer amendments, but they are not satisfied with that. they want the results. they are not willing to offer an amendment they may lose. they are onl
nominees. how else does anyone explain the republican senate opposition to william kayatta of maine who is supported by the two republicans that are from maine? how else would they explain the republican filibuster and continuing opposition of robert bacharach of oklahoma who has the support of senator inhofe and senator coburn, two republican senators from oklahoma? how else do they complain the refusal of nomination of richard taranto to the federal circuit when the judiciary committee had seven of the republican senators voting for him, one senator lee cast a no vote but said it is a protest on another matter, and every single democrat voted for him. now, these delays may serve some petty political purpose. the american people don't want petty political purposes. they want our nation's courts to be staffed. they want the american people who seek justice to be able to get it. so we should take action on all pending nominees. federal judicial vacancies remain above 80. by this point in president bush's first term, we had reduced judicial vacancies to 29. there were more than 80 vacanci
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